7th December - British Collie held their open show and Chantique Hot Toddy owned by Lee and Lianne won 1st PG Dog. Judge Vanessa Cronk


1st December - Midland Collie held their Christmas Open show judged by Mark Hales where Chantique Hot Toddy owned by Lee Jefferies and Lianne Alexander won 1st PG Dog, Best Dog, BOB and then Res BIS...well done to you both.




24th November - Collie Association championship show...At her first show our beautiful little puppy bitch Chantique Fairy Dust qualified for Crufts in a big minor puppy class. Also winning a 1st in Junior bitch was Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian owned by the Brooker family. Judged by Angela Hodgson.




12th October - Chantal had the honour of judging bitches at the Ayrshire Collie Championship show. Thanks to the Committee for making us both feel so welcome. Chantal's Co Judge Mr Frank Smith awarded 1st in Junior Dog to The Brooker family's Chantique Loves to Boogie with Corisian and 1st in Open Dog to John and Caroline Tippers Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea .... well done guys and girls once again.




15th September - A great day out at Yorkshire Collie Championship Show under Mrs Angela Hodgson judging the males and Mr Dave Crapper judging the bitches. Our beautiful boy Chantique Simply A Dreamer (Re-Imp) won Post Graduate Dog whilst the little sweetheart I'm Scarlett Johanson of Moon River for Chantique (Imp Fr) won Minor Puppy Bitch. The two stars of Chantique today must go to John & Caroline Tipper's Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea winning the Dog Reserve CC and The Brooker family's Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian winning the bitch Res CC .... what a day .... we are so very proud.




24th August - SKC Champ Show...Judge Rod Slater...Chantique Simply Dee For Corisian owned by the Brooker family won 1st Junior bitch. The star of the show though was Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea owned by John and Caroline Tipper won 1st Open dog and the Dog CC (his second) and then topped it by winning BOB. Well done Huggy, John and Caroline we hope his third is not far away.


10th August - Another long journey for us down to Bournemouth Champ Show under Judge Heather Corfield where our lovely Chantique Simply Dreamy (Milly) again won 1st Mid Limit bitch.

5th August - Paignton Champ Show...Judge Fran Kaye...awarded Chantique Simply a Dreamer (re imp) (Diesel) 1st in Post Grad Dog...this was his first show back,after his holiday in Europe. While Chantique Simply Dreamy (Milly) won 1st Limit Bitch and the Reserve CC. Thanks to Fran Kaye for a lovely day.




6th July - Ch Chantique Simply Loopy (Barney) and Chantique Scarlett O'Hara (Scarlett) produced a super litter of 8 babies...4 s/w dogs and 4 s/w bitches. Again we will watch them develop with great interest..




20th June - 5 bouncing babies were born to the French Tri-colour dog Don Juan Du clos de Windmire and Chantique Sweet Pea (Bea)...2 s/w dogs, 1 tri dog, 2 s/w bitches. We look forward to watching this exciting litter develop.


16th June - Midland Collie Open Show...1st Post Grad Dog Chantique Hot Toddy owned by Lee Jeffries and Lianne Alexander.


9th June - London Collie Club Championship Show...Phil Amos judged Bitches where our lovely Chantique Simply Dreamy won Mid Limit Bitch and then went on to win the Bitch CC & Res BOB & Bos in breed.

Over in Italy on the same day Chantique Rupert Bear attended two back to back shows winning CAC & BOS and then CAC & BOB. With these wins Rupert is now an Italian Champion all won in six this a record? Many thanks to Pompeo and Costanza for giving Rupert such a lovely home and also thanks to Alessandra & friends for showing the bear to his full potential. We are so proud !!!

Meanwhile in the Collie Club show...BOB, Best Puppy, Best Junior were all sired by Rus Ch Chantique Lemon Spritzer and Rus Ch Chantique Simply A Star both owned and loved by Oksana Cheb...

To come home from our lovely day at London Collie and hear of all these lovely wins just turned our fabulous day into a FANTASTIC DAY. Thank you to all concerned.





1st May - Fantastic Result in Italy at the Alexandria Championship Show where our lovely Chantique Rupert Bear owned by Pompeo & Costanza Mattia...Won CAC, CACIB, BOB & Pastoral Group 1 and then went on to RESERVE BEST IN SHOW...many congratulations.


25th May - Yorkshire Collie Club Open Show ...Judge Henry Ten Hove from Holland...we went to watch this show but Chantal was asked to handle Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian owned by The Brookers...and she won 1st Puppy Bitch & Res Best Bitch & Best Puppy Bitch and then went on to win Best Puppy in Show. This was Dee's last puppy class so a good ending to her puppy career...well done. Also Chantique Hot Toddy owned Lee and Lianne won his Post Graduate dog class.




1st April - We supported our local Open show North Lincs Dog Club with our Chantique Simply Dreamy under Breed Judge Beryl Pitchfork and won 1st Open Bitch & BOB then going on to win Pastoral Group 1 under Lyn Maxwell...thanks to both judges for an enjoyable day.


5th April - In Italy...Chantique Rupert Bear owned by Pompeo & Costanza Mattia...sired his first litter which produced 7 male puppies for Alessandra Montini.


7th April - West of England Collie Club Open Show...Judge Ann Flint...Chantique Daisy Chain for Jumitra owned by Mike and June Trace...won 1st Yearling Bitch, Best Bitch Rough.
Meanwhile in Italy at Selena...Chantique Rupert Bear won CAC, BOB & Pastoral Group 2.


9th April - In Italy...Chantique Rupert Bear produced his second litter producing 5 girls and 3 boys for Alessandra Montini.


13th April - We attended Northumberland & Durham Championship Show where our beautiful bitch Chantique Simply Dreamy won Post Graduate bitch. Also her son Chantique Loves to Boogie with Corisian (owned by the Brooker family) won Best Puppy Dog. Many thanks to the Judges Brenda Cooney bitches and David McSeveney Jnr...Dogs.


20th April - Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales...Judge Tony IIley awarded 1st Post Graduate dog to Chantique Hot Toddy owned by Lee Jeffries & Lianne Alexandra


26th April - Six bouncing babies were born at Chantique from Bogart of Lowlands Green Valley and Chantique Pixie Bell...3 boys and 3 girls.




17th March - Scottish Collie Club Open Show...Judge Mrs W. Brodie... Chantique Loves to Boogie with Corisian owned by the Brooker family continued his winning ways by winning Best Puppy Dog and Res Best Puppy in Show.


23rd March - The Collie Association Open Show...Judge Lynda James...we entered our lovely Chantique Tinkerbell and she won Graduate Bitch.


2nd March - British Collie Club Championship show... The Brooker family had a super day with Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian (Dee) winning 1st in Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch, Reserve Best Puppy in Breed and to top it all she won the Reserve Bitch CC. This was Dee's first Championship show and at the tender age of 9 months what a little star...well done Emma, Jo and Pat we are very proud. The Judge for bitches was Judit Korozs Papp.




27th February - 5 beautiful babies arrived today from Ch Moon Walker Dallinaire for Chantique and Chantique Bumble Bee....4 girls and 1 boy all doing well.

9th - Midland Collie Championship show...Chantique Sugar Babe for Gerian owned by Gee McEntee attended her first show and qualified for Crufts 2014...congratulations Shannon and Gee.


2nd February - Yorkshire Collie Club open show...this turned out to be a great day for Chantique with Chantique Loves to Boogie with Corisian winning 1st Minor puppy dog, Best puppy dog, Best puppy in show, Res best dog and then Res Best in Show...brilliant wins for an 8 month old puppy. His lovely sister Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian won 1st Minor Puppy Bitch whilst their Mother, Chantique Simply Dreamy after raising such a beautiful family came back into the showring and won 1st Graduate, Res Best Bitch. Many thanks to the Judge Val Brown these fabulous awards for Chantique Collies.

2nd - Eindhoven (Holland) Whilst we were enjoying our day at Yorkshire collie, Laurence Thevinin (Lowlands Green Valley kennel in France) took the beautiful Chantique Calvin Klein (Lewis)under Judge P. Fricke and was awarded 1st Exc, JCAC, Res CAC. Many congratulations to Laurence and to Lewis on such these fantastic wins.




23rd January - N & D Club open show...judge A. Annabel...Chantique Loves to Boogie with Corisian made his show debut with some fantastic results, namely 1st in Minor puppy dog, Best Puppy Dog & Res Best Dog whilst his sister Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian won 1st Minor puppy bitch...many congratulations to their owners Pat, Emma and Jo Brooker.


29th January - Chantique Rupert Bear left UK shores on his long journey to his new home with Pompeo Mattia in Italy. Rupert arrived in Italy two days later and was very happy after his journey. We wish Pompeo and Rupert much success and happiness.


6th January - Spennymoor & DCS Open show....Chantique Simply Dee for Corisian owned by Emma, Pat & Jo Brooker made her show debut at the age of 7 months winning 1st Junior, Best Puppy in Breed under Mrs E. Ashe followed by Pastoral Puppy Group 1 judged by Mrs J. McIntyre. Many congratulations to the Brooker family on a great start to DeeĀ“s show career.



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