9th December - At Darwen Open Show....Chantique Scrappy Doo for Barrenclough owned by Dr Lynda Boyle won 1st Veteran Pastoral and then went on to win RBVIS....well done Rio and Lynda.

Also on the 9th December we attended Lincoln CS Open Show with Chantique Rupert Bear who was awarded 1st Puppy 1st Junior & BP in Breed and then 2nd in the Pastoral Group Puppy. This was his last show as a Puppy finishing his Puppy career as an unbeaten dog in his classes at the shows attended. This also finishes our showing season for this year. We would like to thank the Judges at this show and all the other Judges this year who thought so highly of our Dogs this year.



18th November - Badbergen CAC show in Germany our beautiful boy Chantique Calvin Klein owned by our good friend Laurence Thevinin (Lowlands Green France) won CACJ & BOB under judge Margo Walker. What a fantastic result for a 10 month old puppy....we are very proud.



21st October - Chantal had the pleasure of judging the Northumberland & Durham Collie Club's Autumn Open Show. Many thanks to the Secretary and the Committee for looking after myself and my husband ....and for the beautiful gift. Thanks to all of the people that entered was a very enjoyable day.


7th October - East Anglian Collie Association open show judge Pixie Simmons awarded our Chantique Pixie Bell a 1st in Post Grad Bitch and also Chantique Rupert Bear 1st in Puppy Dog and then Best Puppy Rough Dog. Whilst his Uncle Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea owned by John and Caroline Tipper won 1st Open Dog, Best Dog, BOB and then went Best in Show....fantastic well done Huggy.


6th October - At Yewtree CS open show Chantique Scrappy Doo for Barrenclough owned by Dr Lynda Boyle won Best Veteran in Show....many congratulations to Rio and Lynda....well done.



11th September - Our lovely lady Rus Ch Dzhimis Careless Charming Flowergirl at Chantique (Liza) gave us 4 super babies, 2 dogs and 2 bitches by Ch Salsina Stargazer. All the babies are doing well.


2nd September - We attended the Yorkshire collie club championship show. Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea owned by John and Caroline Tipper continued his winnings ways by winning Open Dog whilst our own little boy Chantique Rupert Bear won 1st Minor puppy, best puppy dog and then to top it all won Best Puppy in Show once again. Many thanks to the dog judge Rene Cozens and her co judge Hughie Jones for appreciating our boys.



5th August - East Anglian Collie Club Championship Show ....Chantique Rupert Bear (Rupert) had the great pleasure of winning Best Puppy Dog Rough, Best Puppy Rough and then to end an already lovely day he went on to win Best Puppy in Show!!!! Our many thanks go to Rough Collie Dog Judge Carolyn Waterhouse and the Referee and Best in Show Judge Pat Hutchinson for thinking so highly of our young star.



29th July - Leeds Championship show we only went to watch at this show and it was lovely to see Chantique Huggy Bear for Tiganlea owned by John and Caroline Tipper, win Open Dog class.


8th July - At the West of England CS Championship show we had a fantastic day. Chantique Rupert Bear (Rupert) won first in Maiden at his first show. Chantique Pixiebell (Pixie) was first place in Post Graduate. The star of the day was Designed with Love of Slatestone for Chantique (Imp Lux) (Dougal) winning first in Limit and Dog CC, BOB and then to top a wonderful day Dougal went on to win BEST IN SHOW. We are so very pleased to say that this last CC makes Dougal up into a Champion (subject to kc confirmation). Once again we would like to thank Dougal's breeder Jos Ourth (Slatestone) for entrusting us with this lovely boy. We would like to also thank the judges Mrs Flora. Denning (Dogs), Mrs Jane Margetts (Bitches) and BIS Judge Mrs Eleanor Kitchen for thinking so highly of our dogs.



17th June - Midland Collie Club Open show Judge David Thomson awarded our Russian Girl Dzhimis Careless Charming Flowergirl at Chantique (Liza) first in Open Bitch, Best Bitch, BOB and then going on to win BIS under Judge Rene Cozens....thank you to both Judges for a lovely day. We also took our five and a half month old puppy dog Chantique Rupert Bear (Rupert) in the puppy walk which he took all in his stride and also he gained many admirers. Rupert is by Ch Moonwalker Dallinaire for Chantique (Tommy) and Chantique Scarlett O'Hara (Scarlett).


10th June - Andre had the pleasure of judging Rough Collie Bitches at The London Collie Club Championship show.



28th May - Chantique Simply Dreamy (Milly) had 7 beautiful puppies (4 girls, 2 boys) to Fahrenheight Absolute of Lowlands Green Valley again a BIG THANK YOU to Laurence for all of her help with these girls.

20th May - Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show Judge Val Tame awarded Moonwalker Dallinaire for C

hantique (Tommy) his third CC thus making him a CHAMPION....we are so very happy. We would like to thank the three judges that have made our dream come true and also a BIG THANK YOU to his Breeder Dragana Vulic for letting us have this super boy.


12th May - Andre had the pleasure of judging Rough Collies at the Italian Collie Club....he had a lovely weekend away one he will never forget.


10th May - Chantique Tinkerbell had one beautiful bouncing puppy girl to Bogart of Lowlands Green Valley....thank you so much to Laurence for all of your help.



27th April - WELKS Championship Show, Judge David Ruston awarded Designed with Love of Slatestone for Chantique (Dougal) first in Open Dog.


21st April - Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales Championship Show, Chantique Huggy Bear (Huggy....owned by John and Caroline Tipper) won the Dog CC, his first under Judge Peggy Bailey. We are really proud of you all and hope that his other two won't be far behind.


14th April - Northumberland & Durham Collie Club Championship Show...Judge Anne Hassocks awarded Chantique Sweet Pea (Bee) won first in Maiden Bitch at her very first show.



31st March - Scottish Breeds Championship Show Moonwalker Dallinaire for Chantique (Tommy) won the Reserve Dog CC also Chantique Bumble Bee (Evie) won Best Puppy Bitch under Judge Joan McIntyre....many thanks for a lovely day.


18th March - Evie (Chantique Bumble Bee) went to her first all breed open show under Emma Brooker and we were pleased that she was awarded Best Puppy in Breed.


10th March - Crufts - we were pleased that our two girls Pixie (Chantique Pixie Bell) and Liza (Dzhimis Careless Charming Flowergirl at Chantique) were both placed in their classes. Congratulations must go to Chantique Hot Toddy (Dexter) owned by Lee Jefferies & Lianne Alexander on winning a strong Post Graduate Class and Good Citizen Class....with Chantique Scrappy Doo for Barrenclough SHCM owned by Lynda Boyle standing second to him in the latter class....well done we are very proud of you all.


3rd March - Andre had the great honour of judging Rough Dogs at The British Collie Club Championship show.



11th February - London Collie Club Open Show - we were pleased that our gorgeous 10 month old boy Chantique Simply A Dreamer (Diesel) managed to win 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Rough, Reserve Best Dog, Reserve Best of Breed and then to top it all he went Best Puppy in Show....many thanks to the judge.


4th February - Chantique Simply A Dreamer (Diesel) our lovely young puppy dog is maturing well....he attended Midland Collie Championship Show and won 1st Puppy Dog.



22nd January - Chantique Simply Sweet had 8 gorgeous s/w babies to Moonwalker Dallinaire for Chantique (Tommy)....5 boys & 3 girls.





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