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Chantique Summer Breeze

Chantique Summer Breeze (Ch. Pelido Carless Love x Coleanne Naughty by Nature)


We will start with Andre and his life with Rough Collies before we got together. His first dog came along in 1978 when he was a sweet 14 yrs of age. His Mum and Dad (Jeanne and Colin) brought a bitch Albrett Star Attention at Coleanne from Eileen Boxall. They had taken Star to a few shows before they realised they had caught something ....the show bug.



Krisendale Countryman of Aberhill


Krisendale Countryman of Aberhill (Ch. Arranbrook Mr Chips of Aberhill X Barlaw Dawn Dreamer)


The family were captivated by this wonderful world of dog’s and so along came other bitches to join the clan. The one collie to really start them on the winning streak was ‘Krisendale Countryman of Aberhill (Beau). It was whilst mating a bitch to Ch Arranbrook Mr Chips of Aberhill, that Shirley Toothill showed them Beau, a 7 month old pup that she had up for sale. Needless to say Coleanne now had their first male. He was mated to Albrett Foxy Lady at C (Tri-colour) and Coleanne Missy Gold was born. Although never shown she made herself extremely useful as a brood bitch and eventually became the grandmother of their glamorous Ch. Coleanne Stormy Affair (Storm) 4 CC’s, 2 Res CC’s.





Ch. Coleanne Stormy Affair

Ch. Coleanne Stormy Affair (Mallicot Love Storm X Coleanne Gold Measure)


Storm had a glittering show career. One of the highlights being Dog CC at the L & P in 1992 under Duna Jones and his daughter, Coleanne So Precious getting the bitch CC under Barry Makepiece ……… WOW ! The double!! what an unbelievable day that was. Also that year, at Paignton under Doris Mortiboy (Silvermoor), Rahlissa Stormy Romance at C, got the Res CC at the same time as his father Storm got the dog CC. Not forgetting their blue line in which Coleanne Blue Thunder (Ch Karava Kornishman x Albrett Silver Dream at C) gained 3 Res CC’s on his travels.

Not forgetting their beautiful sable bitch ....Coleanne So Precious who gained 2 CC´S before she unfortunately died at an early age.




Now my story...

I got my first Rough Collie in 1979 purely as a pet, pricked ears and all bless him. My second came along a year later with the idea of showing her, she was the one that started myself and my husband of then onto the irresistible wheel of showing.

In 1982 the affix ‘Woodwick’ was granted to us by the K.C. I then saw an advert for a puppy dog and bought home Aberhill Best Seller (Ch Arranbrook Mr Chips of Aberhill x Int Ch Aberhill Personality Miss) and went on to become good friends with his breeder, the late Shirley Toothill (Aberhill) who taught me a lot about showing and grooming our beautiful breed.

Then we brought Aberhill Private Benjamin (Ch Sandiacre Silence is Golden x Ch Miss Chips of Aberhill) with a view to mating her to Sellers and so the first Woodwick pups were born of which we kept W. Nice n’ Naughty. On mating this young lady to Ch. Pied Piper of Aberhill at Rixown then owned by Anne Hassocks, we got our super bitch W. Nice N’ Sweet, who went onto win Bitch CC and BOB at London Collie in 1989.


Woodwick Nice N’ Sweet


Woodwick Nice N’ Sweet (Ch. Pied Piper of Aberhill at Rixown X Woodwick Nice N’ Naughty)




From left to right:- Aberhill Miss Personality of Woodwick. ..... Cessnocks Chit Chat of Woodwick ..... Woodwick Nice N’ Naughty


In 1986 things changed for me and I had to start again on my own, taking only two collies with me. They were W. Nice N’ Sweet and my lovely dog Arranbrook Maxamillian of W. After this I started my own affix …… CHANTIQUE.

Then in 1988 Andre and I got together and although he still kept an interest in ‘Coleanne’ he joined me in Chantique. Unfortunately we were unable to save all the old Coleanne and Woodwick breeding lines as Chantique Summer Breeze’s only daughter had to be spayed with no descendants and Woodwick Nice N Sweet failed to produce us a puppy.


We were Married in 1993 and then in 1994 on the 2nd August, three little boys (TRIPLETS) were born to the Scott Household. Their names: Christopher, Ashley and Aaron. Although for the first four days of their lives they were un-named and called Tom, Dick and Harry by the midwives. Well my goodness didn’t that curtail our show career. Everything was put on the ‘back burner’ so to speak for the next 10 years. How we got through those first few years of dealing with firstly three tiny babies and then three toddlers with the ‘terrible two’s ‘ syndrome I don’t know. In saying that we were so blessed to have three beautiful boys who are now growing up to be fine young men whom we are very proud of.



Our boys at 2yrs old from left to right:- AARON, CHRISTOPHER & ASHLEY


2005 saw a big change for all of us – we bought a boarding kennel & cattery and moved to Lincolnshire from East Sussex.

Three years before we moved we bought a bitch from Gee McEntee that was to take our breeding and showing career onto the next level. That bitch being ‘Love in the sun with Gerian’ (Sally), who when mated to Ch Gerian Sundance produced our beautiful Chantique Loopy Loo (Lulu). We mated her to Amalie Mild Affair and had a wonderful litter of which we kept Chantique Lemony Snicket and two others from this litter went to show homes.

Then in 2007 we mated her to Ch Lynmead Simply in my soul and she had again a super litter of which we kept two, namely Chantique Simply Loopy (male) and Chantique Simply Sweet (female) and the Rusforth Kennel have the litter brother Chantique Simply Smashing and we wish them well with him.



Chantique Lemony Snicket

Chantique Lemony Snicket (Amalie Mild Affair X Chantique Loopy Loo)


In October 2004 we had the pleasure of judging the Youth and Veteran Open show for the Dutch Collie Club. We were looked after by a lovely lady, Dora Richter. We were honoured to be able to see some lovely dogs at the Scottlyme and Glen Morristone kennels. She also took us to see the Slatestone Kennel where we met Jos Ourth. We were so impressed with his dogs that we imported the first ever Slatestone dog into the UK. That Dog being ‘Designed with Love of Slatestone for Chantique (Dougal) and for who we are ever in Jos’ debt. At Windsor Champ show 2007 at the tender age of 10 months Dougal won Best Puppy and the Dog CC under Mike Gaunt. He then went on to gain a further 2 cc's as well as a res cc under very respected judges thus making dougal our first champion from abroad


Also whilst visiting the Slatestone kennels we were shown Lux Ch Xotic Lover of Slatestone, we knew then where we would take Sally when next mating her. So in February 2007 that all came about and we were lucky to have 7 healthy babies born of which we kept three puppies who are now themselves producing us some lovely stock.


In June 2008 we made friends with a very lovely lady Oksana Cheb (Dzhimis) and have been very fortunate to have imported the first Russian rough collie into the UK. This beautiful lady is Rus Ch, Jun Rus Ch Dzhimis Careless Charming Flowergirl at Chantique (Liza). We thank Oksana for letting us have this truly wonderful girl. Her pedigree is superb and the breeding behind her fits in so very well with the lines we have now.


2010 brought us another lad from foreign lands ...... from Serbia in fact. His name being Moonwalker Dallinaire for Chantique (Tommy) ...... we thank his breeder Dragana Vuselic (Dallinaire) for allowing us to have such a stunning young man.

Tommy has won 3 cc's & 5 res cc's quickly gaining his title also winning 3 best in shows & 1 res best in show awards at the four club open shows he attended . he has been a very useful stud dog for us producing many quality offspring including champions and numerous winners.
During the time we were showing tommy we also had the greatest of pleasures in making up our own first home bred chantique champion in the name of ch chantique simply loopy (barney) who won 3 cc's & 1 res cc.
Our first female champion was ch chantique simply dreamy (milly) who won 3 cc's & 3 res cc's . milly who was first shown by us at 9 months of age won best puppy in show on her first show and from then on remained unbeaten in all of her classes during her show career..........what an achievement !

Andre has had the great pleasure of judging in belgium, italy , france (the french national ) and holland. Whilst chantal has been fortunate enough to recently have judge in germany , as well as both having awarded cc's in the uk. whilst on these trips abroad we have seen some really quality dogs and bitches. One of these being the lowland green valley kennel in france owned by laurence thevenin, who has some superior stud dogs and an excellent bitch line which fitted in very well with our breeding lines. So the decision was made to take ch chantique simply dreamy (Milly) over to france to be mated with fahrenheit absolute of lowlands green valley this special combination produced a cc winner namely Chantique Simply Dee For Corisian and chantique loves to boogie for corisian. Since then we have travelled on many occasions to this kennel to mate our bitches to these top quality males. We also recently purchased Magical Moon Of Lowlands Green Valley For Chantique and Mitsouko Of Lowlands Green Valley For Chantique from Laurence , both these pups sired by lux ch Chantique Calvin Klein who was sold to laurence as a pup and has made quite a name for himself at her kennel. All in all we are extremely happy with the results of our previous matings to laurences dogs with our girls and look forward to showing and breeding with these wonderful lines.

Then once again whilst on a judging appointment we came across two fabulous collies from the moon river kennel in france owned by christophe lehuic . these trips have given us the golden opportunity to actually see and put our hands on any collies that will play a part in any future breeding that we want to incorporate in our chantique kennel . we asked christophe if we could have a puppy when he mated farrah fawcett of moon river ..........we waited two years but it was worth it when we brought home i'm scarlett johannson of moon river for chantique . scarlett has since gone on to win 2 res cc 's as well as a best in show at a club open show. We would like to thank all the breeders that have trusted us to use their stud dogs and allowed us to buy collies from and to all the judges who have thought so highly of our collies ........without you all it would not be possible .......thank you


For the many years we have had with our beloved breed we are grateful and also for the wonderful friends we have made along the way. Like all other breeders we have had happy times and sad times, good times and bad times BUT we would never be without a Rough Collie. We are critical of our own stock, acknowledging the good and the bad points and will continue to strive to breed healthy, happy, beautiful collies. There are dogs and bitches that we have had over the years but have not been mentioned in this article, by not mentioning them does not mean they played any less part in our lives.

Chantal and Andre Scott


Love is... The Rough Collie